Social Innovation (un)Conference

Dr. Aly Cohen

Dr. Aly Cohen is a social entrepreneur living in Princeton. Her life is an incredible example of how to use business and expertise to drive social change. Dr. Cohen is a rheumatologist, integrative medicine specialist and expert on environmental health. She’s currently working with superstar educators and politicians to create tailored environmental health and wellness curricula for schools nationally. Oh, and she’s also the mom of two crazy little boys.

She is in the thick of developing this project so it is a great time to hear about her process, new advice and insights she is learning, and how she continues moving forward towards her goals.

As founder of The Smart Human LLC she helps to educate colleagues, patients and the community about the potential health hazards of everyday chemicals in our lives. When she’s not “doctoring”, lecturing, writing, consulting, or performing in-home chemical evaluations….

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