Social Innovation (un)Conference

Princeton Impact Project

The Cooperative Impact Social Innovation Conference is hosted by the Princeton Impact Project.

What is the Princeton Impact Project?

The Princeton Impact Project is a Princeton-based community organization contributing to the establishment of a social enterprise ecosystem in the United States.

The project began as a simple Meetup – we have found that many people who are interested in starting new projects in their local communities are able to harness the value of as a community organizing tool. We scheduled our first meetup to see whether there were other Princeton residents who shared our desire to make a positive impact on the world.

It started as a small idea which then grew into a weekly social gathering, and today we experience exciting periods of growth. It is especially exciting when we are out in the community and dedicating our lives to our fellow Americans. Our selfless movement is unreasonably contagious.

Our founder, Daniel DAlonzo, has pulled back most of his energy from grassroots involvement so that he may focus more time on operational items. We are excited to achieve 501(c)3 status in the near future, however, Daniel wants to be sure that the level of transparency between himself, organization, and you is crystal clear. In this town, Princeton Impact Project’s town, there will be no secrets.

Princeton Impact Project, Cooperative Impact, and Action Horizon Institute are concrete examples of how Daniel is establishing a social enterprise ecosystem in Princeton. He is turning Princeton into the inclusive convening space it was meant to become. A place where all people are welcome and treated with respect.

Whether you are new in the town or someone who wants to try something new, I promise, you are an incredibly powerful, strong, and independent person. Hang out with us and we’ll help each other unlock our potential 🙂 because if we don’t t4ry, then they’ll just continue to take it from us.

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