Social Innovation (un)Conference

Gery Juleff

After 25 years serving as a British diplomat, mainly in Africa and Brazil, Gery moved to NJ for family reasons 3 years ago.

His last post in the Foreign Office was as leader of a team in London dealing with Climate Change, Renewable Energy Technology and Energy Security policy issues. Allied to the knowledge that Africa would likely be the continent most affected by climate change, this work left a deep impression on Gery of the need to do what he could in some small way to limit the effects of climate change.

Gery agreed to host the ‘Green Hour’ radio show from January this year. A weekly, issue-based show, the Green Hour will enable a more sustainable and environmentally viable community in the broader Delaware River region through educating, informing and inspiring the community and by acting as a resource for appropriate organizations to reach a wider audience for their messages and information. The ‘Green Hour’ is building an audience through its partnership with the not for profit community, reaching hundreds of thousands of environmentally-aware people.

Response to the show has been very positive and there is real scope for expanding the show to cover more issues. But this will need a more structured approach, a business and marketing plan and more passionate people working on this exciting and innovative project. Gery’s priority now is therefore to bring more people on board who share this vision.