Social Innovation (un)Conference

Laura Jordan

Laura Jordan is a recognized leader in the area of cutting edge social enterprise and sustainability policy. She registered the first-ever benefit corporation in 2010 and has been named a “B Corp Champion” by B Labs. She is a reviewer of B Labs’ white paper, “The Need and Rationale for the Benefit Corporation: Why it is the Legal Form That Best Addresses the Needs of Social Entrepreneurs, Investors, and, Ultimately, the Public.” She chaired the Benefit Corporation Working Group successfully dedicated to enactment of benefit corporation legislation in the nation’s capital.

Laura believes that benefit corporations, B Corps, and larger corporate social impact efforts are properly centered on the smooth functioning of the free market. Free market externalities and inefficiencies have led to inequities, which may be ameliorated or abolished by improving the functioning of the free market. Rather than leading to rapacious capitalism, by filling structural gaps and applying restrained government action, business is free to focus on broader issues. This view is consistent with thought leaders throughout U.S. history, including Adam Smith, Alexis de Tocqueville, Buckminster Fuller, and Milton Friedman.

Laura has advised companies on strategy, execution, impact, and compliance in social impact efforts, in the clean energy, food & agriculture, retail, and other sectors. She has provided policy commentary and been featured in national and international media, including the BBC, Washington Post, Baltimore Business Journal, and other print, broadcast, and online media.

Laura has spoken and presented widely about social enterprise and sustainability, including at Yale Law School’s national conference on disruptive policy, the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of State, business groups, trade associations, and other state, national and international institutions. She has also testified numerous times by invitation from legislators on social venture legislation.